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The album is made for you. People who want to hear music that isn't on the radio and wanna enjoy new artists.


released July 3, 2010

dj jonny kastle
and you



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Steamboat New York, New York

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Track Name: Beg Borrow & steal - Dust Breakers
Dust Breakers

You cant think of ways to crumble
Maybe you'll hold on long enough to see
whats really going on
I don't need to think real hard about it
because doing it just comes so easily to me
Please don't crowd around this dusted brain
when my wet head turns real troubled
makes me feel like i'm going just a little fucking insane

Just so you know now
imma laugh when you're feelin' down
and you know I played around
I said what I meant and meant what I said
your words replayed in my head
all alone in my bed
I know I gotta break free can we stay friends?
I guess we'll wait and see
Back then I thought that were jsut like me
a messed up kid
still you ain't seen what I seen
In ya mind ya picturin' all the places that you think I been

So, who am I to today>
A tough motherfucker with a whole lot to say
So forgive me when I laugh when you talk about your past
cause its no comparison
and i know that im not the only one
yea we made it this far and we're not done growing up
sometimes i feel stuck, i got a lot of bad luck
try to walk a mile in my shoes
another broke dude whos been shitted on and screwed
might just change your views of what you thought you knew
guess i'm more complicated than you
what i know can't be taught in school
so listen up

Down for attacking
they have been tracking me down, down
down, down so down
and I need you to fight
fight till it goes away, away so far away
running your mouth won't get you paid
its the actions you take
and the mistakes that you've made
and the fact that you've changed

Nunca satisfecho porque no se lo que quiero
hago lo que hago con mi gente a mi lado
cerveza en la mano, dinero en la mente
travioso hoy y siempre no me importa si me entiendas
Porque me vas a escuchar para estar a donde estoy
tuve que luchar dia y mucho como
puedes comparar lo que has visto
contra lo que e viviendo
que has visto?